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Friday, March 26, 2010

Kingman Arizona Foreclosures

Foreclosures in the Kingman Arizona market are starting to sell very quickly.  Over the past few weeks I have noticed an increase in sales in our local real estate market. Buyers are jumping on the great deals that Kingman has to offer and many are taking advantage of the Federal Housing Tax Credit that is available for buyers who have a home under contract by the end of April and closed by the end of June 2010 (click the link for additional information).

As of this post Kingman has 74 listings that are classified as "Foreclosed" in the WARDEX Multiple Listing Service. 62 of these listings are single family homes, and 12 are factory built homes.  This number has shrunk from last year at this time.  Many of the foreclosure listings are receiving multiple offers.  Some are selling for full price or even over full price! Is this a sign of a turn in our market?  Will we see more foreclosures in the future or are they starting to disappear?

I believe we are starting to see a change in the market however we will continue to see other foreclosures in the future but as the facts are showing they are slowly starting to go away.  This could mean many great things for our local market including new home sales could start to excellerate giving jobs to many of our local contractors and their employees.

As of this post there are only 403 Single Family Homes for Sale in Kingman Arizona.  ONLY 403 single family homes for sale!
137 Factory built homes for sale in Kingman.  And 5 Condo/Townhouses for sale.

I believe now is a great time for anyone who has been sitting on the side lines waiting to purchase a home in the Kingman area.  There are great foreclosed properties for sale at great prices.  Call or email me if you would like more information on Kingman Foreclosures or any other type of Real Estate in Kingman Arizona.

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